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by Allan "bow" Beauchamp

I was just in the bush for the night (story of my life) and my son Nicholas, and his friend came with me. He loves the bush, and I'm trying to teach him some good skills that he can pass on to his sons.
The bush is always full of life and so much to see. Just stopping at a spot, one can always find something to look for.
Nice day, wide open, and fresh air. Nothing better and a good time to learn.



When you viewed the first picture, and seen how nice it looked, did you think: this would be what was actually there?
My son asked me this morning, "dad, show me some of your stalking and tracking tricks?"

So, I took him for ten minutes. And without season of foliage, in broad day light, and being able to look straight at it when you viewed the first picture, how many people knew this was a 13 year old boy learning good skills.

Imagine now, add, some low light, some shadows, some extra training, some foliage (as this time of year has minimal foliage -- however it's good time to fine tune your skills), and imagine the effects he could achieve!

He wants to stalk animals a lot so I agreed to show him tricks I had learnt when I was on a journey one time where I was spending time tracking and learning from a particular bear.
(I had spent time with a bear one time, trying to learn his life cycle, and understand his ways, and the medicines bears have to offer.)
This can be allot of fun for kids, and makes for a real challenge to keep their interest up, especially when you follow a female deer about 15 feet behind her. Kids love that, and that's how he got interested, as I took him one time and did this with him, the two of us that close, and him trying to learn it as we were actually moving in on her.
It was his first challenge from dad, to stalk animals.
Made for a great dad and son day... one I'll cherish for years.



Always lots to see and do. A good day outside!

Out and about with my son and his friend. Speaking of them, where are they??


"Here I am"

"Here we are"
You didn't think there was two now, eh? 
My son, in the early days of his life, I was teaching him good hide spots in the bush, natural undisturbed areas, quick in and quick out. So, slowly he's learning.

These pics were from his early time, prior to the other pictures (above). So, this was "there's no bush to hide in" mode, and the other pics (above) are using "there's lots of bush to hide in" mode.

So, it can be fun for kids.
-- Bow