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Tracking - Instructional

A Field Guide to Animal Tracks (Peterson Field Guide)
by Olaus Murie
The definitive guide to animal tracks and sign (including scat and other sign).
Tracking and the Art of Seeing
by Paul Rezendes
ISBN 0-944475-29-9
Richly illustrated with numerous colour photographs of tracks in various substrates, and other signs such as scat and gnawings.
Excellent book!
Mammal Tracks and Signs - A Guide to North American Species
by Mark Elbroch
ISBN 0-8117-2626-6
This is a mammoth 775-page book packed with more than 1000 colour photos of North American mammal tracks and other sign, such as scat, feeding, lays, dens, remains, etc etc. This is the same guy who wrote "Bird Tracks and Sign" a year or so ago (another excellent book). It lists for about $59 Cdn, but you may find it cheaper somewhere. In my opinion well worth it! Published by Stackpole books.
Bird Tracks and Signs - A Guide to North American Species
by Mark Elbroch
ISBN 0-8117-2696-7
One of a kind! There is no other book in print covering bird tracks and sign in such depth. Highly recommended.
Tom Brown's Field Guide to Nature Observation and Tracking
by Tom Brown Jr.
1983, ISBN 0-425-09966-0

Tom's primer on tracking and nature observation, including macro pressure releases.
From the Introduction:  "Part I of this book discusses some attitudes and habits that will help you strengthen your awareness of nature....Part II of this book is a discussion of the ancient art of animal tracking.....how to recognize and follow a wide variety of animal tracks -- including human -- on almost any kind of terrain."
The Science and Art of Tracking
by Tom Brown Jr.
1999, ISBN 0-425-15772-5

In this field-guide style book on pressure releases, Tom talks about the lessons he has taught us about tracking and expands upon them.  "Tracking lets us unlock the secrets of each animal we follow, and in turn, to become more aware of our own lace in nature and the world.  It is a journey of discovery that engages the senses, awakens the spirit and enlightens the soul," he says.
Tracks and Signs of the Birds of Britain and Europe
by Ray Brown, John Ferguson, Michael Lawrence, and David Lees
ISBN 071365208X (republished in Oct/99)
Although it focuses on the birds of Britain and Europe, many of the birds in this book are present in North America too.  An excellent resource!
Animal Tracks and Signs of North America
by Richard P. Smith
ISBN 0-8117-2124-8
Lots of B&W photos of tracks and animals
Identifying Animal Tracks
by Richard Headstrom
ISBN 0-486-24442-3
Has track keys for mammals and birds
A Field Guide to Mammal Tracking in North America
by James Halfpenny
ISBN 0-933472-98-6
Good scat photos, and an interesting section on track patterns/gaits.  Individual track diagrams are so-so.  Detailed track measurement tables.
Field Guide to Tracking Animals in Snow
by Louise Forrest
ISBN 0-8117-2240-6
This guide is devoted solely to tracking in the snow
The Complete Tracker
by Len McDougall
ISBN 1-55821-458-5
This tracking book is interesting because it has a lot more information about each animal than just the tracks.  Included for each animal are sections on: Habitat and Range, Foods, Mating Habits, Seasonal Habits, Tracks, Scat, Sign, and Vocalizations.
Tracking: A Blueprint for Learning How
by Jack Kearney
Tracking a man through rugged wilderness is an ancient art that has been perfected by the U.S. Border Patrol, and retired agent Jack Kearney earned his reputation as one of the best in the business. He condenses here 15 years of backcountry knowledge in searching for missing persons and border jumpers. This easy-to-read guide is loaded with the secrets of identifying tracks, determining direction and age, utilizing sun angle, following non-visible trails, and much more. Includes practical exercises used to train Border Patrolmen. Perfect for perfecting your hunting skills, also!
Tracking - Stories
Case Files of the Tracker 
by Tom Brown Jr.

See also Tom Brown's other books

Point Last Seen: A Woman Tracker's Story
by Hannah Nyala
Recently escaped from an abusive marriage, her children abducted by their father, Hannah Nyala turns as a means of spiritual survival to self-taught tracking in the Mojave Desert and eventually joins a National Park Service search-and-rescue team. "To walk alongside signs on the ground, continually moving only toward the hope that the one I seek will be found in time--that's the kind of tracking I do best." But overshadowing Nyala's experience as an increasingly capable tracker is the fact that she herself is a tracked woman. For her, the ability to see a "footprint in soft grass outside a bedroom window" becomes a matter of survival.
Nyala gives accounts of life-and-death rescue missions while at the same time questioning the "action-junkie" approach to tracking lost people. Her exploration of the mechanics and cultural meanings of tracking brings to mind her rural Mississippi childhood, and leads to the first safe place Nyala and her children have known.
Point Last Seen is a wholly original account of one woman's life and an intriguing glimpse at the meaning and power of following footprints.
For more info, see http://www.beacon.org/sp97cat/nyala.html
Last of the Breed
by Louis L'Amour
An EXCELLENT story of a part-native navy pilot who is kidnapped by the Soviets but escapes. This is the story of his flight across Siberia towards freedom. Many survival and evasion (scout) skills are described, as he is quite skilled in these areas. A fast-moving  and well-written story! You won't be bored.
The Wild Within
by Paul Rezendes
ISBN 95 0-87477-931-6
Paul Rezendes shares some of his life story and philosophy. Highly recommended!!
Teaching Children
by Tom Henley
ISBN 0-9692230-3-X, published by Western Canada Wilderness Committee
Drawing on North American indigenous traditions, this book is a guide to getting children and youths reconnected with themselves and the Earth. Tons of exercises and photos. Excellent book!
The Way of the Scout, Evasion
Fugitive -  How to Run, Hide, and Survive 
by Kenn Abaygo 
ISBN: 0873647548

An interesting pair of books from Paladin Press by Kenn Abaygo...This guy definitely does not like Tom Brown! Although these books are oriented towards those on the run as a fugitive, there's some interesting ideas for the ordinary survivalist:

From the publisher's website: "If you're serious about going on the lam, this book may just save your life. Learn to build an evasion shelter, erect path guards, lose a pack of tracking dogs, enter the "network" of people willing to assist evaders, apply natural camouflage and utilize primitive first aid skills. This unique manual exposes you to possibilities you never even considered."

Advanced Fugitive - Running, Hiding, Surviving, and Thriving Forever
by Kenn Abaygo 
ISBN: 0873649338
From the publisher's website: "In this companion to Fugitive: How to Run, Hide, and Survive, you'll learn the advanced evasion techniques successful fugitives have used to get gone and stay gone for long periods of time - perhaps forever - and you'll benefit from their experience and their mistakes."

On page 91, the author expresses his disdain for Tom Brown Jr:
"There's no hocus-pocus, no Tom Brown "Tracker" bush- or tree-spirit worshipping -- none of that crap. As a matter of fact, forget all that communing-with-nature, tree-hugging stuff. It might get you dead."