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Booklist - Nature

Below are links for each book to the Amazon online bookstore. Simply click the appropriate link to buy the book.



Mammals of the Great Lakes Region
by Allen Kurta
The University of Michigan Press
ISBN 0-472-06497-5
The author's introduction serves to help understand the major characteristics of mammals and the Great Lakes ecosystem. It outlines the physical factors that affect the distribution and abundance of mammals in the area, including surface geology, temperature, snowfall, and vegetation. Following the introduction, detailed information appears for eighty-three species and describes the appearance, behavior, and ecology of each mammal. In addition, all species accounts have accompanying photographs as well as maps showing the geographic range in the Great Lakes region and in North America. Also included are sections on how to capture small mammals and to prepare specimens for a research or teaching collection, as well as separate keys to identify each species based on skull or body characteristics.
Allen Kurta is Associate Professor of Biology, Eastern Michigan University. He is well known for his work on bat energetics and the ecology of the endangered Indiana bat.
Mammals  (Peterson Field Guide)
by William Burt and Richard Grossenheider
ISBN 0-395-07471-1
The definitive field guide to mammals of Canada and U.S.  Has dental charts for identifying skulls.
American Wildlife and Plants
by Alexander Martin, Herbert Zim, Arnold Nelson
ISBN 0-486-20793-5
An excellent reference book!  This book is in 2 sections. The first section lists all the animals and birds and what plants each one eats.  The second section lists all the plants and what animals and birds eat each one.
Mammals of the Canadian Wild
by Adrian Forsyth
ISBN 0-920656-40-4, published by Camden House Publishing
An interesting and informative full size hardcover book, with lots of colour photographs. An excellent reference book for Canadian mammals.
The Mammals of Canada
by A.W.F. Banfield
ISBN 0-8020-2137-9, published by University of Toronto Press
A excellent, detailed and scientific description of every mammal of Canada, with detailed drawings of skulls, paws, and so on.  But don't worry, although it is scientific, it's very readable.  Essential for a thorough understanding of the mammals of Canada.   Full size, hardcover.
How They Do It
by Robert Ardel Wallace
ISBN 0688087183
A must-buy for the "complete" nature library. This book covers, well, how they do it. How various animals have sex and reproduce. Everything you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask?
Animal Tracking and Behaviour (Stokes Nature Guide)
by Donald W. Stokes
Detailed descriptions of animal behavior and tracking.
Eastern Birds (Peterson Field Guide)
Roger Peterson
ISBN 0395740460
Despite the multitude of bird guide books on the market, this classic remains the definitive field guide to birds of eastern North America.
General Nature
Tom Brown's Field Guide to The Forgotten Wilderness Tom Brown's Field Guide to the Forgotten Wilderness
by Tom Brown Jr.
1987, ISBN 0-425-09715-3

We usually think of wilderness areas when we think of Nature.  This book by Tom is about finding Nature in our own backyards and similar places.  He covers the suburbs, urban areas, and the country.
As usual, it includes interesting stories as well.  The lives of many animals, birds, and insects are covered.
Venomous Animals and Poisonous Plants   (Peterson Field Guide)
by Roger Caras, Steven Foster, Roger Tory Peterson
ISBN 039593608X
It has been said that it is wisest to first learn about the plants and animals that are poisonous and can harm you. Then you will know what to avoid. There's a lot fewer truly poisonous plants than there are edible and medicinal ones. So if you learn what to avoid, then you will be less likely to come to grief.